Remote Logging with enmolog

Redefine the way you debug and analyse your mobile applications accessed across globe

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How Does enMoLog Work?

Add enMoLog's SDK to Your App
We Collect Logs from Real Users
And Process Them on Our Servers
Which You Can View and Filter in Our Web App


Remote Logging

Crash logs are sent remotely from the device to our servers, so you can track what’s causing trouble.

Remote Configuration

Enable and disable logging for each device individually and remotely.

Offline Mode

Logs are stored locally on the device and transmitted when it’s back online.

Log Organization

Logs are grouped by sessions, devices, and app versions, so developers and customer support team can easily browse required patterns

Device Info

Get information about the device for each logging session, and review OS versions and device features.

Tags & Levels

Set tags and priority levels for each log line - making it easier to search and filter entries within the log viewer later on.

Enterprise Integration

Integrate and log issues, support tickets with multiple available integration points to leading issue and support platforms.

ML & AI Enabled

Get suggestions on potential bugs before it happens and solution path through our ML & AI engines integrated and monitoring your application log

Bug Reporting

Keep track of your application's health in one central location with both logs and crashes.