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    Thinking Smart Lock

Introducing Adeptala

Secure, Intelligent & Thinking Digital Lock

A single lock which works seamlessly with simplest of home security automation systems to most complex industrial and logistical security solutions

Bluetooth Connectivity

No Keys, No Codes, just your Smartphone - Enjoy seamless access by you or anyone authorised by you

Solid Build

With solid and durable frames it works indoor, outdoor and in any tough weather conditions



Dual layer of 128/128 bit encryption with an additional mobile - user - device - location pairing, thus making your lock and data highly secure


Unlocking not just using smartphone but also controlled by the location of the user


Secure Login

Access the web application to configure users, workflows and access for your lock


Centralized Dashboard

Get all the information of your lock(s) - from access to location logs, users assigned for every lock along with details of workflows and much more


Deep Workflows

Create users for fixed duration(s) or occurrence(s) to control single lock or multiple locks. Define workflows related to which lock will be opened at what locations or by which users. Option to create either single level access for homes or multi level user hierarchy for complex industrial requirements, all from a centralized web based application.


Mobile Access

Secure access to mobile apps with linking from user to mobile to lock integrated for no loopholes


Lock Listing

Get a list of all locks assigned and authorized to you for controlling. For industrial usage get list of locks near to you always on top to avoid time on searching.


One Tap Control

No code, no keypad - just unlock on a tap of button and receive alerts if left the place without locking the lock

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