A non-profit institution spread across 11 African countries that generates agricultural innovations to meet Africa’s most pressing challenges of hunger, malnutrition, poverty and natural resource degradation.


  • Customer was on very unstable out-of-support Oracle EBS version.
  • Customer wanted to move away from Solaris platform to avoid licensing costs
  • Used an outdated custom application for managing grants and donations
  • Manual processes and CoA issues limiting the application usability
  • Centralized system not catering the needs on business expansion and limiting the information/transaction definition


  • Platform migration from Sun-Solaris to Oracle Red Hat Linux
  • EBS upgrade from 12.2.0 to latest 12.2.7 version
  • Enhancements to CoA structure for wider EBS acceptance with minimal impact to ongoing business
  • Implementation of Grants Accounting to phase-out custom app
  • Implementation of new modules and reports for enhanced coverage of EBS across organization


  • Latest and stable EBS instance increasing application availability
  • Optimized the Payment process
  • Financial Reporting from system
  • Improvements on Customer/Donor Reporting
  • Correct picturization of Donor funding and Funding Vs Actuals
  • Optimized Approval processes across subledgers
  • Decentralized system catering the local requirements and consolidation for Head-Quarters


Oracle EBS 12.2.0/12.2.7, Oracle APEX, Oracle Linux, Solaris