VenScore - A Vendor Scorecard Application

EnWiDTHs’  VenScore is a highly configurable Vendor Scorecard Application which helps organizations identify which vendors deliver the best value, measures and explains their performance and effectiveness ,have a better control over their supply chain and is a preferred collaboration tool for improving vendor relationships.

Key Benefits of the Scorecard include:


Key Features

Track your Vendor performance - Measure, collect & analyze the performance of your vendors by automated surveys

Involve Key Stakeholders to share their insights - Automated surveys collect data from key stakeholders & provide valuable insights, decreasing the manual effort

Integration with ERP systems - Integration with SAP and other ERP applications

Dashboard - Access key data analytics related to your vendor performance. Personalize your dashboard as per your needs

Strengthen Vendor Relationship - Identify the top performers across plants, categories, sub-categories, contracts, etc. or identify under-performing vendors

Drive Vendor Accountability and Increase in ROI - Measure and ensure vendor adherence to KPIs

Analyse Data results to suggest corrective measures - Compare your vendors and their KPIs to improve performances

Customizable Scorecard Surveys -  Customize and save reusable survey templates on the basis of plants, categories, sub-categories, KPIs and input type to what suits your business needs the most!

RBAC - Role based access control

Success Stories

Venscore - Vendor Scorecard

A Large public listed company into mining of natural resources implements EnWiDTHs Venscore - a Vendor Scorecard Solution to track their vendors performances across multiple business units.



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