Adding Value to Your ServiceNow Platform

Through our EnWiDTH Innovation Hub initiative, we are consistently working to bring accelerators and solutions on top of ServiceNow platform which enables the ServiceNow community to extract best results beyond the core platform offerings.

Here are a few useful Accelerators that we offer you

Public Catalog

This feature allows you to expose any catalog item in ServiceNow for public users (those who do not have a login account in ServiceNow) to access, submit and track requests/incident. A separate widget is provided where the public user can review the status of his submitted requests.

Collaborate Catalog

Share and collaborate with the team on Catalog Items as you do with Google Docs. This module lets you share Catalog items with multiple collaborators leveraging well-integrated workflow, email notifications and audit logs with complete trace of changes made by the team.

Save as Draft

Ever faced difficulty in filling long forms for catalog requests in one go or session? This module gives the user an option to save any partially filled catalog item as a Draft item. User can easily view their all Draft requests & can load any one of them to continue editing & saving before final submission.

Copy Request

This module allows any user to create a new Request from an already submitted Request and it will be loaded with the copied values for the user to change the required values and save. This will help in reducing efforts to repeatedly fill-in complex forms with repetitive values for new requests.

Edit Request

This feature enables you to edit any requests even after submission. You can configure which Requests can be edited and also till which workflow stage the item should be made available for edit. Based on these controls, the requestor can edit an item even after submitting the request.

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